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How to Fix SD Card Not Detected Errors

sd-card-not-detectedFor those of us who can remember a day when it was necessary to have a huge drive in order to store data, we really love the fact that data storage comes in such small packages today. In fact, the convenience of having an SD card is second to none, and we can use it for almost anything, from taking excessive amounts of pictures and video to storing music and apps on our phones and tablets.

Although these small memory cards can be convenient, there are times when we may experience problems from time to time. This can be quite an inconvenience, especially when we need the data on the card or we need the space on the card to fill up with additional data. One of the more frustrating of those problems is when the SD card not detected error shows up. What can you do when this is a problem for you?

First of all, it may be a problem with an incompatibility of the card. This is especially true when it comes to high-capacity cards, as you need to have a modern card reader in order for them to identify it. If you are dealing with a brand-new SD card and are getting the SD card not detected error, this may very well be the problem.

Another issue to look for is in the driver. In order for the device to read the card and write to it, the driver needs to be up-to-date. The device manager is the place to look to determine if the driver needs updated. It may also be possible that the driver has become corrupt, and it will not be able to read the SD card or write to it if that is the case.

If the card is not new and has worked in the past, it can be especially frustrating to see the SD card not detected error. That is especially the case if you have a lot of important data on the card that has not been backed up to an external source. I can’t tell you the number of people who have lost thousands of images, some of them extremely important, all because they didn’t back up properly.

Of course, now is not the time to think about backing up but rather, you want to get your card working again. In many cases, it is possible to do so but the first thing to do is to try the card in another device.

You may also want to try cleaning the pins, as they may have become dirty and are not allowing the card to communicate with the device. You might also consider the possibility that it was a counterfeit card, which are much more likely to break than a true card from the real manufacturer.

If these options fail, and the card is still under warranty, return it and get a new card. As long as you don’t have any important items on the card that are not backed up, it is easier to get a new one than to try to fix the old one.