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Recover Files Micro SD Cards – How To Do It The Easy Way


Micro SD is probably the most widespread storage card format today. Many digital cameras, smartphones, tablet computers and video cameras use it. It has the great advantage of being extremely small, yet being able to store an impressive amount of data. It’s easy to understand why all mobile devices manufacturers adopted this solution to allow their users to expand the internal storage of these devices.

Unfortunately, no storage solution is 100% safe. Hard disks fail, and so do SD cards. When this happens, you are at risk of losing all the data on the card, as you won’t be able to access it, no matter what you’d try. Nonetheless, there is one last chance to recover files micro SD cards contain by using a special software program.

There are several good recovery tools available today. All you need to do is to search the web, trying to find a solution to allow you recover your lost files. When choosing the program to download and install, you have to make sure it covers the brand and the storage capacity of your card, as well as the operating system of your computer. In case you don’t know very well how to work with various computer programs, you need to find a wizard-style interface one. They are the best solution to recover files micro SD cards contain, as they guide you step by step through the retrieval process. you don’t have to make any decision on your own. If you follow the steps, you should be fine.

You may have the luck of finding a free recovery tool. This would enable you to save some money. If you don’t, you have to install a paid software. Nonetheless, you should be aware that most such programs come with a week or 15 days trial period. You can use them to retrieve your information for free, hoping you won’t need them again in the future. You may also install the program on another computer, should you need to use it again some other time.

Last but not least, it’s a good idea to take cautions when using SD cards. Avoid storing your files on a card for a very long time. As soon as you get to a computer, you should download all your photos videos and whatever other files you have stored, and save them on an external hard drive. They are less prone to getting damaged by accident, so your information should be much safer on them rather than on a micro SD card you can ruing in a moment of clumsiness. If a card fails to operate, you should remove it from your device, store it in a safe place and wait until you get to your computer to run your software tool on it. Repeated trials of accessing it might extend the damage, so it’s much better to refrain from wiping your card with your shirt and inserting it again in the phone for ten times in a row. This is not how such things are done.